My name is Anna, I’m 24 and live in Rome. I graduated in Modern Letters and is currently studying Publishing with the dream, one day, to open a whole publishing house. I’m very attached to Rome and I love telling my city even through Events, Exhibitions and Locals. I also love travelling and so far I’ve been to 20 countries in europe, 5 countries in Asia, and Australia! I hope that I can go to South America Soon and crosses it out from my bucket list.

Inside and out of the screens, I’m an overactive person, always on the move and with a thousand ideas per second, so that sometimes I find it almost impossible to put them all in practice! People say that it is often difficult to keep up with me.

My biggest passions, besides blogging and art, is dancing (the passion from which my second blog is born.) I actually danced since I was a little girl and performed a lot during my teenage years. From October 2016, in fact, I discovered the lindy hop, a swing dance from the 30’s and from that moment I have not stopped working to learn and improve more and more. As you can easily guess, I love everything that is vintage, ranging from the rugged Twenty Years to the Fantastic Fifties.

The only great love of my life at the moment is my cat Cosimo, which you can find here and there in the pages of the blog and on my social channels.